Client Success Stories

9229 Castle Pines Dr

There’s a saying in real estate your first offer is your best offer. It’s not necessarily true.

This home was listed for $50,000 over the sold price of a home with an identical floor plan that sold 6 months ago. Many buyers in our area are what we call the “Too Highs” meaning regardless of the price they will say it’s “too high.” It wasn’t surprising we received 2 offers $25,000 below list price, both with an explanation that they were comparing our listing to the home that sold 6 months ago.

All Realtors have access to the same information. What makes a difference when you receive an offer (especially if the offer is low) is the knowledge and experience of your listing agent. It’s easy for your listing agent to say your first offer is your best offer without understanding the market.

Because we have experience in the area we were able to gauge interest from buyers and open house activity. Rather than negotiate with either low ball buyer we recommended waiting for a better offer. Sure enough a couple days later we received a full price offer the sellers accepted.

Whenever you are ready to talk about getting your home Sold Fast! at a premium price contact Eric Peterson directly at 512-791-7473.

15909 Dink Pearson Lane

When the owners of 15909 Dink Pearson Ln called us they were concerned about the price we could get for their home because there had been several recent sales nearby for much lower prices. Because home prices in our area can vary based on unique criteria of each home it is important when pricing your home you work with a Realtor who has experience selling homes here. Everyone has access to data but there is a huge difference between data and knowledge.

After reviewing the market and what our experience told us about the market the owners trusted our suggested list price. The owners also believed in our proven marketing system that exposes our listings to the maximum number of buyers. Our marketing system gives us the best chance to attract multiple offers allowing the owners to negotiate a higher sales price and the best terms for their needs.

The owners did a great job preparing their home for showings and after 2 open houses we received 7 offers for their home eventually selling for $21,000 over list price. Because we received multiple offers we were able to negotiate a lease back for the owners as well as the buyers waived their appraisal contingency. That meant the sellers could plan their next move secure that the sale of their home would not fall through over a low appraisal.

To get a similar result and get your home sold fast at a premium price contact us today at 512-791-7473.

14808 Banbridge Dr

The owner of 14808 Banbridge bought the house 5 years ago when she thought she was moving to Austin. As it turned out her company’s plans changed and she would up staying in California. She kept the house as a rental property and hired a property management company to take care of her home.

Last year the owner called me about selling her home. She was frustrated with how much money she was paying to maintain the home and how long it would take to rent the property whenever a tenant moved out.

After we talked she decided to hire her property management company to sell her house. The house wasn’t in good condition, vacant and not staged. In the end the property management company could not sell the house and the owner decided to rent the house again.

Her new tenant skipped out on her in December after only a few months of the lease term. At that point the owner called me again and hired us to get her home sold. We brought in our trusted handyman to make some minor repairs that made a huge difference in the condition of the home. To make the home show better in pictures and in person we had the home staged with our Free Home Staging Furniture Package.

After seeing how great the home looked this 2nd time around we recommended raising the sales price. After the first weekend we received a full price offer and closed the sale quickly.

About 25% of the homes we sell were previously listed with another agent just like 14808 Banbridge. Before getting frustrated with another agent call us first at 512-791-7473 to save you time and money.

10208 Fossmoor St 

10208 Fossmoor is a beautiful home that needed to be shown off in a way it deserved. The owners had been trying to sell their home with another Realtor without any luck for 5 months. Their home was vacant and didn’t show as well as it could without furniture. After 5 months on the market the owners decided to give us a chance to sell their home. After we prepared their home with our Free Staging Furniture Package and created a new marketing plan to show off the best features of the home we sold it  in 3 days for higher than the previous list price.

15212 Sunningdale St

After trying to sell his home for sale by owner with no luck, the owner called us. Our free staging package made the home attractive to the type of buyers in Avery Ranch. The buyers were not in the market but when they saw our open house signs they decided to pop by to take a look. They fell in love with the house instantly. The only catches were they did not have a realtor and were leaving the country the next day. We used Skype to help them make an offer from the side of the world. This sale turned out to be a great win-win for both the buyer and seller.

16213 Almaden Dr

Myrna loved living in Avery Ranch for 10 years but she reached a point where she wanted to travel more and needed a home that was better suited for a lock and leave lifestyle. She interviewed 3 different Realtors who all suggested the same list price for her home. Then she called us and when we saw her home we knew that price was too low. Because we have talked with thousands of homebuyers at our open houses in Avery Ranch we knew there were features of her home that added value a Realtor with less experience in the area wouldn’t understand. We suggested listing the home for $31,000 higher and got Myrna’s home sold fast to a nice family that visited our open house.

16201 Castletroy

Kevin and Stephanie had a great job opportunity and wanted to sell their home fast. They called Kopa Real Estate because they knew our 98 Point Marketing Plan would get them the most money for their home. We started our process right away. Their home ended up selling in just 5 days for $12,000 over asking price! This happy couple is now living overseas enjoying their new life.

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